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Blockchain is a booming technology that uses a transparent, secure and decentralised ledger, opening up a wealth opportunities for all business actors in a legal framework that is, as yet, still under construction.

Blockchain, developed for the first time in 2008 (Bitcoin), is still considered by some as the next industrial revolution. Business applications based on this technology are still being explored. Although still (maybe) far from having revealed its full potential, blockchain is already a source of innovation and change for a number of economic players in a wide variety of fields.

However, a transition to blockchain comes with a certain number of structuring issues for companies, in particular as to whether they should integrate blockchain to their business model. It also comes with a number of pending questions, such as identifying appropriate activities through to how to integrate this technology. Such decisions must be made in a fledgling and moving regulatory environment that also tends to different from one country to the next.

The Gide 255 offer in the field of blockchain

With this in mind, and considering the stakes of blockchain, Gide 255 provides a one-stop advisory offer to clients, regardless of their business activity, to support them throughout their development.

Building on its next-to-none command of the legal and operational challenges of corporate business models, as well as its expertise as regards the operation of blockchain protocols, the team at Gide 255 conducts with its clients an in-depth analysis of the risks and opportunities that come with integrating this breakthrough technology, in the light of existing regulations and discussions on upcoming reforms.